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350 Chevy Basic CLAIMER

CNC Machined, Blueprinted Short Block Race Engine.


  • Hypereutectic Pistons
  • Moly Rings Elgin Camshaft
  • Double Row Timing Set
  • ARP Rod Bolts

383 Chevy Basic STROKER

4-Bolt, CNC Machined, Blueprinted and Computer Balanced Stroker Short Block.


  • Hypereutectic Pistons
  • Moly Rings
  • Elgin Camshaft
  • ARP Rod Bolts
  • Double Row Timing Set
  • New Stroker Crankshaft

350 Chevy H.O. 300 HP CRATE

CNC Machined, Blueprinted Long Block H.O. Engine. #3822HOCT


  • Hypereutectic Pistons H345NP
  • Moly Rings 2M139
  • ACL Bearings
  • Elgin Camshaft E1015P 224/234 (@.050o Dur. .465/.488 valve lift)
  • Double Row Timing Set SS-2100
  • ARP Rod Bolts 134-6003S
  • Heads with 1-piece stainless steel valves and matching springs - 550 lift max.
  • Valve Covers Timing Cover
  • Oil Pan
  • Stock or Chrome optional

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